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UX/UI Design & Rebranding – 2020
What is Diosa?
A digital platform that facilitates connections between clients and women who has expertise in manual labor services, such as plumbing, electrical work, repairs, masonry, and other types of skilled labor.
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Diosa needed a platform that would meet all of their needs for automating clients' manual labor service requests. The request process was: the person would go to Diosa's website, complete a form with information about their requirement, and request a quote to fix the issue. Diosa's partner professionals received a notification on their mobiles to assess the technical problem and provide their budget.

Diosa required a rebranding in addition to platform development. I identified the essential characteristics, created a distinctive personality, and translated those qualities into visual elements. I developed visual solutions that supported the online platform redesign and encouraged diversity and gender equality in the construction sector.
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