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UX/UI Design – 2021
In partnership with Envisioning
techDetector is an analytical platform that offers strategic insights into the impact of emerging technologies on sustainable development.
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GIZ aimed to create a centralized website that would bring together data on the latest technology driving sustainable development and affecting gender equality. To address this challenge, techDetector was proposed as a tailored public data platform that includes a distinctive visualization tool and customized assessment frameworks. This innovative solution disrupts the conventional focus on economic impact, as the specific assessment frameworks developed by Envisioning measure the influence of technology on sustainable development and gender equality.

The techDetector is an all-encompassing repository for various types of technology, providing a centralized location for all sources, research papers, and assessments. Envisioning's user-friendly tools facilitate easy navigation across the organization. GIZ's internal organization structure and nomenclatures were seamlessly integrated with Envisioning's unique approach and tools to establish an effective knowledge management system. Envisioning also conducted tailored workshops utilizing the techDetector as a foundation to impart Futures Literacy, Emerging Technology Scouting, and Assessment methodologies to GIZ staff, enabling them to integrate Envisioning's framework into their daily operations.

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