I'm Yasmim
I believe in mermaids
and I work as a
UX Designer
& Trend Hunter

I am a brazilian self-taught woman who works as a UX designer & trend hunter. I love fashion, futurism, anthropology, astrology, human behaviour, music and to develop solutions to people & companies.


UX & UI design

Design System

High fidelity prototype

Front-end basics



Service Design

User Research

UX Writing

Trend Hunting



Visual research

Consumer research

Trustful partners

My job is to help people & companies materialize their ideas and turn them into concrete and successful projects. To achieve this, I highly value the relationship with my clients and partners, as I believe that a trusted collaboration is essential to achieve quality results. Together, we can create incredible projects that exceed my clients' expectations and have a positive impact on the world.
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“Yasmim is an absolutely unique professional. During her time at Envisioning, she demonstrated advanced skills in everything she touched: speed in understanding and executing work, great interest in the context of what she was executing, versatility to learn new tools and improve on old ones, total commitment to deadlines and deliverables, and significant initiative to research solutions before arriving with questions. Yasmim demonstrates excellence in all phases of work: from strategic understanding of UX challenges, to particular skill in solving one-off challenges. In addition to her practical knowledge, Yasmim displays theoretical skills regarding Futures Literacy. Yasmim played a primary role in Envisioning's work with UNESCO in 2020, and has proven herself interested and skilled in understanding the role the future plays on the present. It was a privilege to work with Yasmim and learn together, and I recommend her skills fully.”
Michell Zappa
CEO at Envisioning
“Yasmim was an amazing professional while working with us. Dedicated, geeky, creative, and multidisciplinary. I highly recommend her with my eyes closed.”
Tiago Mattos
CEO at Aerolito
“Working with Yas was a wonderful experience. Not only for the brilliant person she is, and for her ideas, but also for seeing her resourcefulness, her charisma, her growth and her willpower to make things happen. He knew he could count on her at all times so that communication and the flow of activities followed the planned path, even with unforeseen circumstances. Yas has a beautiful future ahead of it.”
Lana Rocha
Marketing strategist